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Brad Pitt Recalls His “Drug Days,” Jokes He’s a “Drug Addict”
Posted on October 14, 2012 | Category: News | 2 comments

Brad Pitt still hasn’t said very much about his wedding plans with Angelina Jolie. One subject he opened up about a bit more on Friday? Drugs.

“I’m Brad Pitt and I’m a drug addict,” the Killing Them Softly star, 48, joked, laughing, at Friday’s The House We Live In screening in Los Angeles, where he introduced filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, whose new documentary investigates the drug epidemic in the U.S.

“No, my drug days have long since past,” clarified the engaged father of six. Pitt (who announced his engagement to Jolie, 37, this past spring) has been frank about his marijuana use in the past. In a controversial Parade interview from September 2011, Pitt said the earlier phase of his superstardom (including his marriage to Jennifer Aniston) left him depressed — and smoking pot. “I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out.” Pitt told Parade.

Slamming efforts to squash the illegal drug trade in the U.S. the star said at Friday’s event: “It’s certainly true that I could probably land in any city, in any state, and get you whatever you wanted. I could find anything you’re looking for, give me 24 hours or so. And yet we still support this, I have to say, this charade called the drug war.”

The actor-humanitarian continued of the “drug war”: “We’ve spent a trillion dollars, it’s lasted, it’s gone on, for over 40 years – a lot of people have lost their lives for it. And we still talk about it like it’s a success. And yet it’s a flawed, a backwards system/strategy that actually perpetuates itself.”

Pitt’s love Jolie and their children were last spotted in the South of France (near the brood’s Chateau Miraval) in September. No definitely word yet on when Jolie and Pitt tie the knot.



  1. ekgray, November 1, 2012:

    Wouldn’t Been better to donate to the New England storm victims? Just saying.

  2. sophie, November 2, 2012:


    I am looking for the source of this quote: “I’m one of those people you hate because of genetics. It’s the Truth”

    Any idea when and where brad pitt stated this?

    Many thanks,

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