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‘Killing Them Softly’ In Theaters TODAY!
Posted on November 30, 2012 | Category: News | 2 comments

Killing Them Softly hits theaters today (November 30th) so be sure to head on over to the movies and see it! Take a look at what our host, said:

Sometimes a director has a favorite actor that they jibe with, whom they cast in a whole whack of movies in a row. Think Scorsese and DiCaprio, Wes Anderson and Bill Murray, or Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst. It’s a sort of professional infatuation that can serve a project well, but it can also lull them into self-indulgence. Although this is only the second time that Killing Them Softly’s writer/director Andrew Dominik has worked with Brad Pitt, it feels like they have a certain camaraderie. killing them softly reviewThe symbiosis previously worked in their favor, in 2007′s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. This time around they never quite find the same rhythm.

Read the rest of the review HERE!


  1. Jennifer Anderson (EH), November 30, 2012:

    I’m actually Jennifer Anderson. Thanks.

  2. suzana, December 2, 2012:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Brad,

    I have never seen a worse film! An
    d I guess I am not the only one telling you this…

    I was really looking forward to a nice cinema evening tonight, without children which is anyhow very rare, and with a movie I would certainly enjoy.

    After 10 min I hoped that the movie would improve. At latest after half of the movie I wanted to leave the cinema and get the money back!
    As we were 3 friends all of us were too polite to leave the others alone…unfortunately.

    Gutter language, intellectually undemanding, simply waste of time and money.

    Your next film can only be better…and I really do hope that you get back the greatness you used to have…

    Good luck!



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